The Elisabeth Holt Burns Nimocks Special Collections

The archive contains a wealth of source materials that illuminate the history of the Lower Cape Fear and North Carolina, while also providing insights into the role of women’s organizations, such as the National Society of Colonia Dames of America in the State of North Carolina (NSCDA-NC), in establishing the field of historic preservation.

The nonprofit NSCDA-NC was founded in 1894 with the purpose of promoting appreciation for the people, places and events that led to the formation and development of our country. The Nimocks Special Collections will ensure the preservation of the records that document the NSCDA-NC’s long and eventful history of historic preservation, patriotic service and education. In addition, it houses all of the documents pertaining to the restoration of the buildings, as well as an abundance of family documents. Historians and other scholars can access the special collections for research purposes by appointment.

The Nimocks Special Collections room is named in memory of the late Elisabeth Holt Burns Nimocks of Fayetteville. At the time of her death in 2014, Nimocks had been an exemplary member of the NSCDA-NC for more than 60 years